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Antiseptic and cleanliness products of international quality at very low prices?

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We guarantee that the ingredients used are very safe for the body and use the best quality raw materials.
Food Grade yang aman untuk tubuh tebu garem kelapa
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Protection Towards Future Dreams



Antiseptic cleansers can be carried and placed everywhere. Protect you wherever you are. Available to childhood to large.

hand sanitizer liquid, spray & gel

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Disinfectant Spray & Fogging

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Hand Wash Soap

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& Sterilization

Sterile disinfectant products are specially made for medical professionals. Generally, it is used in clinics and hospitals.

Alcohol 95%

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Alcohol 70%

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Hand Wash CHG 5%

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Cleaners equipped with disinfectants clean while protecting your living space.


Antiseptic Floor Cleaner

pembersih lantai karbol 250ml

Porcelain Cleaner

Bleach Clothing

Baju karena pakai KRIZTAL SWASH

Linen Detergen

Baju karena pakai KRIZTAL SWASH

Parfume Clothes

Baju karena pakai KRIZTAL SWASH

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No minimum spend


We've experience making custom products and selling more than 1 million bottles for govermment,private,foundation, and export tenders.

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Create your custom products with your logo for business needs,souvenirs and more.

We help you formulate products in a variety of packaging.


We've Ready To Be Our Partner.

Get the full support and commitment to achieve to achieve your dreams.